Monday, March 10, 2008

Laymen's Guide to Law Vol.2

More than the Moral and Ethical Issues of Pornography, the Legal Issue is the most important one. Herewith is a brief on the legal aspect of pornography, which comes under the Cyber Jurisdiction...
Cyber law has the distinction of having the maximum compensation payable for a contravention occured...Guess ?? It can give compensation upto 1 Crore Rupees.
Besides the point that Cyber law is still in its infancy and enforcement is still juvenile, it is good to know the law. So as one talks of Cyber Crimes, the two things that shoot to one's mind are Hacking and Pornography...I will discusss briefly about pornography..
There are provisions in the Information Technology Act to curb this menance. It comes under the definition of Crime and you can be prosecuted against and put to Jail for it..though the period may vary. Also, just watching Pornography is not a Crime. Confused???

Pornography is publishing of an obscene activity in different forms of media like a Tape, CD, DVD, Radio, Internet and Television, etc.. Therefore if u indulge in any activity by which you SHOOT, Broadcast,SELL, BUY or Transfer it for any purposes from one person to another, you will be committing a Crime.

But just watching pornography at your seclusion is not an offence as there is no offence involved in it.. But beware, even if a robber intrudes your house and watches the porn movie you are watching, then u will be committing a crime, as there is broadcasting involved from your side.

Now, the people who upload on the net are committing a Crime, but if you just watch it without downloading the same, u will not be committing a Crime. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you are involved in anything connected to Children/ Teen Pornography( Any person below 18 years), you are bound to get a Jail Term!!!!!!

To end it, better avoid it than get into any trouble!!! YOU NEVER KNOW, SOMEONE IS ALWAYS WATCHING US BEHIND OUR BACK!!!


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